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Tyneeha Rivers: Investing in the people that power the cannabis industry

Episode Summary

The success of any industry is largely dependent on those who work in it and the cannabis industry is certainly not exempt. Dynamic leaders in the human resources field are needed to put the best candidates in a position to succeed as a company grows and evolves. In this episode, Tyneeha Rivers, chief people officer at Curaleaf, highlights the qualities she looks for in a potential Curaleaf team member, discusses the retention strategies needed to retain high-performing talent and examines what the future holds for her company. Rivers also explains how the 25 years of human resources experience she gained from working for the Philadelphia 76ers, Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, Curio Wellness and various Fortune 500 companies has prepared her for role at Curaleaf. Before concluding this in-depth discussion about human resources in the cannabis industry, Rivers offers advice to those looking to enter the cannabis job market and highlights the need for diverse workspaces as the industry continues to expand.